Anil Kumar Agrawal, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor of Civil Engineering

Chief Editor, ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering

Chair, ASCE Committee on Structural and Sensing

Department of Civil Engineering

City College of the City University of New York
Steinman Hall T-121, Convent Avenue at 140th Street
New York, NY 10031, U.S.A.
Tel. (212) 650-8442, Fax. (212) 650-6965



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v Professional Leadership Positions:

·        Chief Editor, ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering, ASCE.

·        Chair, 2012 Analysis & Computation Specialty Conference, Chicago, IL (to be organized in conjunction with 2012 ASCE Structures Congress).

·        Chair, ASCE Committee on Structural Control and Sensing.

·        Vice-Chair, ASCE SEI Bridge Inspection, Management, and Rehabilitation Technical Committee (to be chair from October 2011)

·       Executive Committee Member, U.S. panel on Structural Control and Health Monitoring, International Association of Structural Control and Health Monitoring.

v If you are interested in Ph.D. program in Structural Engineering at the City College of New York, please directly apply at  All decisions about fellowships are made only after the admission in the program.

v The final report on the National Science Foundation project “Future Directions of Smart Structures Technology and Experimental Benchmark: 5th International Workshop on Structural Control and Monitoring, Dalian, China, June 5-6, 2008” can be downloaded from reports section.

v 20th Analysis and Computation Workshop will be held in 2012 in Chicago, IL in conjunction with 2012 Structures Congress.  All papers submitted to this workshop will be peer reviewed.  If you are interested in serving as a reviewer for papers submitted for this conference, please let me know at  We will need reviews to be finished in three weeks period.

v We are always looking for new reviewers interested in doing a critical review of papers for the ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering.  If you are interested in reviewing papers for the journal, please register at the journal website:

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